Lets kick this relationship off & start with learning a little bit about BBS & what makes us special

Hi, my name is Jordan Weinstein!

I am so grateful you have decided to stop by!

I founded BBS in the beginning of 2021 with a desire to help entrepreneurs feel confident, know their numbers & live more fulfilling lives.

Now…here’s the deal, its hard to learn about someone online, let alone trust them to help with your bookkeeping, so if I spark your interest, please contact me. I  love to connect with anyone!

With that said, let me share some short & sweet background information…

Born in South Florida🌴& raised in Colorado⛰️ my life has been filled with a wide range of experiences so far. I am the oldest of three boys, & definitely the best looking (little taste of my humor🤣). 

I would say my personality is the mix between a fierce leader & a wise monk. 

I am an amateur chef, runner & an avid learner! I love to read! My favorite genre is non-fiction & topics vary from psychology to finance.

Bookkeeping & entrepreneurship are my main passions though! During my studies in college, I became captivated by accounting & finance. 

(I am a self-proclaimed nerd!)

My passion for these subjects, paired with my desire to serve & connect with others, led me to start BBS.

Proud Certified Bookkeeper (click me)

What Makes BBS Special?

We bring a fresh & modernized approach to bookkeeping. Our #1 priority is people & building quality relationships. The purpose behind this is simple…We don’t want our clients to EVER worry about their bookkeeping again. We use technology to implement simple & efficient systems that take the weight off our client’s shoulders. Think of us as your financial personal trainer. We will be there for you & keep you looking good 😉

A Glance at BBS & The Services we Provide

  • Clean-ups
  • Proactive monthly bookkeeping 
  • Monthly financial reporting
  • Strategic monthly meetings 
  • And more!