Our Services

With an emphasis on building long-term relationships, our virtual, cloud-based services help create consistency & eliminate stress

Services Built With Intention

What’s the benefit of having a virtual, cloud-based bookkeeper? Accessibility! Everything we do from onboarding to monthly services is conducted securely on the cloud. 

What is the cloud you ask? Think of it as a physical cloud, always hovering over you. Anytime you need information, you can access it! The same goes for the virtual aspect of BBS. Our accessibility is far greater & thus, we can focus on our clients with higher quality!

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Haven't done your bookkeeping yet? Want to get up to date & not worry about cramming everything for tax season? We can help! Whether it’s setting up new systems or improving current ones, clean-ups help to set your business up for financial success!​

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Monthly Bookkeeping

Ongoing monthly services, catered for your specific needs. We keep track of your money going in & out, help to maximize business deductions & ensure all of your business accounts are accurate & up to date!


Financial Reporting

We provide accurate & simple to understand financial reports that will give you confidence in knowing your numbers. Having this information will help to make better business decisions!


Monthly Client Meetings

Do your finances still confuse you? Fear not, because we emphasize collaboration & discussions. We schedule a 1 on 1 meeting at least once a month to educate, strategize & answer any of your questions!


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No Hourly Costs!

All of our services are strategically quoted at a fixed rate, so there are no surprises! This creates consistency & trust. The specific investment for your business depends on the size & desired services. Get in touch to get a personalized quote.

Lets break the boundaries & achieve together!